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The Experience

I know that choosing the right artist for your tattoo can be an overwhelming decision to make. That's why I aim to make the entire process as seamless and relaxing as possible. 

When you book in with me, you can be assured that you will be looked after every step of the way.

See below to discover the complete tailored tattoo experience.


The Consultation

The consultation is what I like to call the 'brainstorming' stage. Here we will put our heads together and discuss ideas for your new tattoo.

I will also go over all the future stages in depth, provide you with a quote for your particular request, and answer any questions you may have. 


Booking in

Once we have a plan in place for your new tattoo, the next step is to find a date that suits us both, and confirm an appointment.

I always try to get my clients booked in for as soon as possible. I will always try my hardest to keep space available so you don't have to wait too long!


The Design

For this stage, you can hand over the reigns and just count down the days like it's Christmas. 

I'll be working on your custom design in my own personal time.

Or maybe you requested one of my 'Wishlist Designs', so we both get to relax!


The Studio

The Studio environment is what can defiantly make or break your day. We set up the studio with the client in mind, to maximise your comfort throughout the day. We will always have a movie on to keep the mood light, and you can drink as many cups of tea or coffee as your heart desires.


The Tattoo

This goes without saying.

I take my work seriously, and pride myself in having an acute eye for detail.

There is no greater honour than someone choosing to take a piece of my artwork with them.


The Aftercare

I believe that this stage is the most important to ensuring your artwork remains beautiful for life. 

I know this can be overwhelming for those without experience. This is why I provide you with a complete aftercare kit and guide you through entire healing process. For no additional cost.

Black Marble

What My Clients Say


Nate - 'Day of the Dead' Tattoo

"Josh is an incredible artist, I spent hours looking through artists far and wide to have my first tattoo done. Little did I know at the time josh was 20minutes from me. Josh managed to bring to life an idea that I had for years, executed flawlessly. 


I can honestly say I have..."

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