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Our Clients Say


"I can honestly say I have not managed to find anyone as talented as Josh in the world of colour tattoos. Everyone who sees my piece is fascinated and just simply amazed at how someone can tattoo like that! 

My sessions have always ended in amazement at the level of detail and skill Josh has shown, he tells you exactly how to look after your fresh piece, gives you a goodie bag to help out with that and following the steps they have always headed perfectly. 

The experience with Josh has always been great. Always has a relaxed environment, always got snacks and always up for a chat. It’s always going to be a good day when you get in the chair. Usually Josh works along side his partner Jodie who is another exceptional artist, they create a good environment in which you feel comfortable in, having a laugh watching films, it’s a great experience. 


I must admit I wouldn’t go anywhere else for tattoos, I would worry my expectations wouldn’t be met there! "

Nate Biddle - 'Day of the Dead' Tattoo

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