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Terms & Conditions



The deposit is not an additional cost, it is deducted from the total price of the session. Deposits are non-refundable. They are to ensure the time is protected, not just for the day of the tattoo, but also the many hours spent on your design and preparation for the session.

You can reschedule your appointment once freely, as long as a minimum of 10 working days notice is given. Deposits will be lost for any reason if the appointment is cancelled within the 10 working days notice.


If booking multiple appointments at once, these terms are subject to said appointments individually, meaning each deposit acts as its own for each appointment you have.



All physical and digital artworks in relation to your tattoo is property of Josh Williams Tattoo Ltd. 

You accept that by scheduling your appointment, you are entitled to your chosen time slot for service, and not entitled to the design project itself.

If you choose to cancel your appointment, Josh Williams Tattoo* holds all rights to refrain from showing you the design.

On the Day Payment:

You can choose to change your Payment method on the day of your appointment to pay your remaining balance.

Accepted payment methods include but are not limited to:

- Bank Transfer (preferred option)

- Cash

- Credit/Debit Card

- PayPal

- Apple/Google Pay

- Klarna/ClearPay (must be requested in advance)

'No Shows' & Late cancellation Fees:

If you do not show up to your appointment, or cancel on late notice, you agree to being charged on the same card you used to pay the deposit.

If you cancel within 48 hours, you agree to cover 50% of the total invoiced value for the appointment.

If you do not show up without prior contact, or cancel within 24 hours, you agree to cover 70% of the total invoiced value for the appointment.

Your deposit contributes to this total amount.

In effect:


    48 hour cancellation fee for full day session (weekday appointment):

    50% of £750 = £375

    £375 - (£250 deposit) = £125 Cancellation Fee


    24 hour cancellation fee for full day session (weekday appointment):

    70of £750 = £525

    £525 - (£250 deposit) = £275 Cancellation Fee

The numbers will be adjusted to match your quoted price for the appointment and the deposit you have paid.

Your Quotation:

The price you have been quoted applies only to the appointments you are scheduling at this current time and the immediate future as advised.

Certain projects may be quoted with discounts in effect for promotional date periods, as specified by Authorised Bodies*. If you choose to reschedule your appointment(s), you may be subject to a price change for your project. 

The price is subject to natural increases with inflation and/or demand for services. 

If you do not schedule regular appointments for your large scale project, it is likely you will experience this fluctuation in price.

*Authorised Bodies on behalf of Josh Williams Tattoo Ltd. 

 Josh Williams is trading in accordance with Josh Williams Tattoo Ltd. 

 Josh Williams Tattoo is a trading name for Josh Williams Tattoo Ltd.

 Josh Williams Tattoo Ltd is liable for all services, products and advisories provided.

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